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Artist’s Journey to 21st Century Motherhood

Artist’s Journey to 21st Century Motherhood
By Talia Page
From the September 12, 2008 issue of the INDYPENDENT | Posted in Culture | Email this article

Finding health information in New York City can be maddening — documentation and assistance are scarce and scattered. Compound that with language barriers and workers’ time constraints, and it’s easy to be lost in an alienating system. One artist is aiming to share her experience of trying to have a baby with the assistance of the New York health system — and all the ensuing consequences.

I met Johanna Schwarzbeck over green tea at her and her partner’s Egon Zippel Grand Street loft in Chinatown.

“I grew up in the pristine countryside of Austria, surrounded by forests, meadows and mountains … it was so calm,” she told me, as diesel trucks coughed and taxi cabs honked below. The loft is filled with abstract oil paintings and ballpoint sketches, a cat and two doves.
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